“Being brave enough…

to be unapologetic for who you are,

that is a goddess.”



Your Goddess knows where to take you.
I can help you find her.

Are you riding out a big life change? Transitioning to a new career, becoming a new parent, changing a relationship? Sometimes the light of your inner guidance is obscured by circumstances that feel out of your control. It’s time to let your Goddess out!

Stop slogging through the grind of confusion and dissatisfaction. I can help you access, and act on, your inner wisdom— bravely and unapologetically.

Together, we will:

  • Identify and transform the thoughts that obscure and silence your inner wisdom. No, you’re not crazy; you just stopped listening to your Goddess.

  • Honor your emotions by harnessing the insight and intelligence those emotions carry for you. There’s no such thing as “bad” emotions.