What is the coaching about?

Simply stated, my coaching identifies and transforms negative thought patterns. You know the ones: the thoughts that stop you from going after a goal you really want, or keep your true nature silenced, or otherwise cause mischief and misery. Secondly, I use techniques that honor your emotions so that you see the insight and intelligence those emotions carry for you. I am a trustworthy and compassionate listener who believes in your inherent wisdom and stands for your unique truth and contribution. I use dozens of tools from my Martha Beck Life Wayfinder Coach Training, Byron Katie’s The Work, Karla McLaren’s The Language of Emotions, and Clifton’s Strengthfinders Assessment, in addition to two decades of ongoing education in a variety of leadership modalities.

Am I the right coach for you?

I enjoy working with women of all ages who have a strong desire to contribute their passion, talent, and love to the world. It has been my experience that these women, women like you, have a few things in common. One—you take on big ideas, projects, challenges, and dreams. Two—you lead lives of self-examination, always seeking to grow. Three—because of everything you are up to, you find yourself in the midst of change, upheaval, and rites of passage on a regular basis. I am one of those women, too, and I would have killed to have someone like me in my corner during difficult times. You are up to big stuff and I would be honored to hold the space for you to be 100% authentically you

What the coaching is not

My Values

I am not a therapist, psychoanalyst, career counselor, business advisor, or marketing consultant. My coaching is rooted in the here and now, and if I determine that unresolved past trauma is not allowing our work to move forward, I will refer you to the proper psychological and emotional professional to help you. I will never give you “the answer”; rather, I help you access YOUR inner wisdom and truth.

I believe:

CURIOSITY is better that knowing all the answers. Exposing ourselves to what we don't know catalyzes the potential to innovate, create, and expand.

CHANGE is inevitable and should be welcomed for what it is, like the changing of the seasons. When circumstances become unfamiliar, and we use our curiosity, new possibilities for living are revealed.

INTUITION is a valuable guidance system, as valuable (or more so) as our other senses. Trusting our intuition provides power when outward evidence is confusing, conflicting, or ambiguous.

CREATIVITY is accessible by anyone. Our human nature is to create, grow, and change. Recognizing we create our lives gives us power over circumstances—to react productively in the face of challenging situations.

COLLABORATION generates more new ideas from which to make more informed decisions, leading to more productive results.

DIVERSITY in nature creates a healthy ecosystem. As with nature, diversity in human interaction teaches us to live, work, play, and pray together. At the edges of our differences are sparks of insight and creativity, and the way forward together.

LAUGHTER is the oil in the human machinery, loosening the rusty, tight, stuck places; lightening the work of life; and compelling the body to hum and sing.

Grounded Woman Series

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